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Project Summary

The school today appears to be oriented towards training students in technical skills and teaching is focused more on teaching to do than teaching to be. The educational role of the school must be balanced, train young people to transition to the world of work without neglecting the transmission of values and social skills. But the application of strategies that allow the socio-emotional support of students is made complicated by the lack of awareness of teachers of the role of educator, as well as being put at risk by the spread of discriminatory phenomena, of bullying/cyberbullying and violence.

The project is motivated by the desire to create actions to support the professional development of educators, strengthening their ability to innovate the professional environment, improving the ability to support students and identify situations of risk and hardship before they become phenomena of violence, bullying or discrimination. This action is necessary to ensure the educational success of the school. Bullying and discrimination have a negative impact both on the victims and on those who practice the damage, creating a series of effects on the psychophysical health of the young person that inevitably have repercussions in his capacity for social relations, often resulting in an inability to complete the schooling properly and, in the most serious cases, even to abandon school. Furthermore, it is often recorded that the presence in the institution of a psychological support figure is not sufficient, since his intervention is bound to the identification of the situation of hardship, which is almost never identified promptly due to the lack of adequate skills in the school staff.

The project sets the following objectives:

32 students between 12-13 years (8 for partners) and 8 teachers (2 for partners) will be involved  in exchange and training activities, and 50 students and 10 teachers for on-site activities.

The project provides different activities:

Expected results:

The medium/long term impact will be: